NEW Ad-VENTURE Expo Centre Sharjah, the country’s first and the region’s pioneer in the events industry, is venturing out to target those who are smitten by the golden sands and serene waters of Arabia! And, Expo Centre Sharjah is pitching its tent at a place that is home to the perfect camping spot in the heart of Sharjah’s hinterland – Al Dhaid.
Helping people to reconnect better with nature, Expo Centre Sharjah is organising the Adventure & Camping Exhibition at Expo Al Dhaid. The latest cultural and business destination in the central region.

Join the Ride

The Adventure & Camping Exhibition is the only event of its kind in the country that caters to the complete requirements of outdoor camping and adventure activities. It is also the most comprehensive, covering all the activities that are popular in the country and the region. Buckle up and be a part of this adventure ride!

Dedicated Showcase

The Adventure & Camping Exhibition will be the only dedicated fair that caters to requirements of outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, climbing, kayaking & canoeing, dirt biking, shark diving, snorkelling, flyboarding, dune bashing, and much more.

To provide superior visiting experience, the products will be categorised into several zones. They include:

Backyard Zone

Biking Zone

Climbing Zone

Dune Bashing Zone

Travel Zone

Camping Zone

The Great Outdoors

There are a million reasons for residents in the UAE to get out of the city. Right from stunning mountainous landscapes, pristine wadis, beautiful beachfronts, the red and golden sands of the deserts and even the stars and the moon, the UAE has everything to keep the residents outdoors. But before they head out into the nature, residents and visitors need to ensure that they have all the required accessories and are kitted out in the right gear.

Rising Popularity

In the UAE, residents do not need an occasion to hit the desert or a mountain trail -- it can be a weekend, a public holiday or a day's break from work. Millions of trips are made to the deserts, wadis and mountains every year by individuals, families, friends and groups.

All the gear at one place

The Adventure & Camping Exhibition will equip individuals for all forms of camping and outdoor activities, right from stays in deserts to adventure camping, glamping, dune bashing, mountain safaris, canoeing, fishing and even providing outdoor kits for their pets. From sleeping bags to hiking shoes, and cooking utensil to full camping sets, the event will bring together all the gear individuals need to explore the great outdoors.

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